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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

KarlaGod - The Mix - Lyric (Release Date November 1st)

Hey guys, MIX-LYRIC, hits the internet on November 1st.

That's 3 days from today. This is a short intro about KarlaGod and my journey on the MIX LYRIC.

Stay tuned!
Feel free to leave questions and comment.

- Who is KarlaGod?

Karla God is a God lover, a Jesus Freak and a Rap artiste. I am a writer, I love that I get to create something out of nothing, with words, it’s one of the most beautiful thing for me.

So people keep asking me, “What does KarlaGod mean, why KarlaGod?” my answer - "my first name is Karla and God is my Father, so I answer His name".

And then they tell me I should find a Euphemism for God, I should use El, or Nissi, etc…. it's quite funny lol, but guys, it is what it is - “God” and I am not changing anything, it’s KarlaGod and that’s final.

- When did you start rap music?

I had two rap classes with White Mic. He called me one day in October 2014 and said "you're bold, I think you can rap, come, I'll teach you".
And that was how I got launched into hiphop.

I started rapping officially, in November 2014, I started with two spoken words, before I did my first 4 bars on stage with D'Edifyer and Membrane, during a Christmas program - XOC (X-mas on Campus) - it's funny how I came to write those 4 bars, I trust two of my SOT brothers will be laughing somewhere now.

- About the Mix - Lyric

The Mix Lyric is my first introduction to the world, it’s my first EP (Extended Play), I named it Mix Lyric, because the words- the lyrics in the tracks really mean a lot to me.

But more importantly, this is like my "Baby Steps", this is KarlaGod "Mixing lyrics" to experiment, just like a young science genius does with chemical elements, he experiments with the chemicals, finding out, how one chemical reacts with the other, what methods to use and so on and so forth, and in the process increases his knowledge, experience and consequently his competence.
So, Mix-Lyric is me experimenting, with rap and in the processes learning more about my art, how to improve my flow, audibility depth to my lyrics and more.
This is what Mix-Lyric is to me. 

- What was the journey like creating the Mix-Lyric?
It's been awesome, I never would be able to achieve any of this without my producer, Enoch D'Edifyer.

he played a major role in bringing this to fruition, the late nights kept, the all nighters pulled, the times when he worked on an empty stomach (lol, lolzzzzzz) oh my God, it was amazing, he is the best.
And then for me, it made me see in a new light. I could identify clearly what I needed to improve on and what I needed to do away with as an artiste.
Stay tuned, feel free to ask any questions in your comments.

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Anticipating the Mix-Lyric (AUGUST 1ST)


This was my first ever attempt at rap, it was my first ever rap related work, I wrote this at a stage in my life when I didn't even know what punch lines were, I didn't even know or had the inclination that I could become a rapper as at the time I wrote this.
So in November 2014 when White Mic, picked me and said “You seem bold, you’re bold, I think you can rap, come I’ll teach you”, I went to him and he took me on 2 rap classes, the things he taught me spiked something in me, it was like he brought out rap from me, even when I didn't know it was there.
After the classes he gave me an assignment, to write a spoken word, I picked one of my write ups from my archive of “stuff I have written” which was this one, tweaked some lines, and made it into my introduction.

You know language is limiting, especially in English speaking

How do you express what you feel in words in respect to the speed of your thoughts

That's why I speak in tongues, to proclaim my spirits thoughts

Singing spiritual songs, making secrets known

I think differently

The Greek calls it Sophia

My life is a testimony of His word, and this is non-rhetorical

The seed of Abraham, plus the joint heir with Christ equals me

Born of the word an incorruptible seed He loves me

Haven't you heard, I cannot be condemned

His word shut up in my bones, I cannot be restrained

That's why I don't trust bridges, I'd rather take a leap of faith
please, aspire to my aspirations
All things work together for my good because He is Jehovah overdo

Like November rhapsody says, there's nothing more I need to do

I Just seat back relax and enjoy the blessings

He's sacrifice has come and cleared all the sufferings

So as the King's kid, all I need do is answer my Father's name

And this is me, the King's kid

My name is Karla God

Anticipating the Mix-Lyric (August 1st)

Track 4 – WHO YOU ARE

I wrote this song to myself, and for every person who was having a complex issue or going through some challenges without the confidence to confront those challenges.
This was at a point where I looked down on myself as a rapper, I felt intimidated and less of myself. Then the Holy-Spirit spoke to me one day and He said, “I told you before, you’re a king you’re a star, don’t forget who you are, don't forget where you're from, you got greatness”
And that was it - BOOM! The song was birthed.

Verse 1
You're worth more than gold, you're worth more than silver
You're worth the blood of Christ, and that's why you're a winner
Your limitations are unreal don't let them fret you out
Refuse the voice of confusion work in His glorious light
The walls you see today were not meant to stand at all
Take out the word of God for it is our wrecking ball
This is real people, its as real as real time
The word of God can change you no matter who you are
Like Jesus defiled gravity failure is an impossibility
Like parallel lines we got nothing with poverty
I told you before, you're a king you're a star
Don't forget who you are, don't forget where you're from
You got greatness

Verse 2
They said it was arbitrary that he was selected randomly
They thought he was chosen mistakenly
Only to find that it was done diligently
Hand picked by God, specially purchased to be above only
Don't look at what you've done instead look at what He's done
Come out in dirty jeans and present your clean seeds
The alter and the sacrifice might not really rhyme
But the harvest and miracle will be the punch line
You can't unring a bell, its too late to make you fail
Cause poverty and sickness were hammered to the nail
His sacrifice was bloody it made us worthy
To live His life as gods, think about that
(Repeat chorus)

Verse 3
You have the ability to move mountains
What are you doing playing with pebbles you should make demons tremble
Your lines are divine don't try to connect them to the world cause you didn't draw them in the first place
You're exceptional uniquely different
Keep kinging as you go, unleash God on them
Let the whole world know
Those waiting to see you fail are restaurant boys
Keep the devil waiting on you he's the waiting boy
Blaze through like wild fire, where is darkness now
At the name of Jesus Christ all of them bow
Shey dem talk say you no go fit make am, how
No worries, dem no go know when dem go shout wow
Cause your prosperity will leave them confused like they came in the middle of a math class
Lions do not eat grass so forget the matter
Your blessings will amass because we're on God's high way
Ha ha
It means we only go higher
Repeat chorus 

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Anticipating the Mix-Lyric (August 1st)


It was a Friday praise team choir rehearsal at my musical hometown, DBC (Da Blazing Choir), we had just finished rehearsing.
My musical mayor BC (Brother Chiedozie) yawned and asked if it was a Friday, we replied that it was, and the he said TGIF, and BOOM, it came to me, THANK GOD I GOT CHRIST.
That was it, the full truth.
Honest, I cross my heart and hope to live.


TGIGC - Thank God I got Christ
Ain't no Friday gone do nothing about it
He's my weekend

Verse 1

I entered into His rest, HolyGhost lounge
VVIS you can find me in the God club
If you can't speak in tongues then you cannot taste the spirit
He's stronger than vodka finer than any martini
Drunk in the HolyGhost I dance to the melody of thanks in the Psalms I be singing on my bars
No offence I'm off the fence, chose my side with Christ
Style of Kings swag of champions better recognise
I preach the gospel so loud even demons wanna repent
I know I can't be sorry, I see the devil regret
Christ turned the maze into straight lines I'm a runner for Him no break lights
I'm the action for Him no stage frights
I'm that star on top like yeah right
I'm subscribed to the God channel got Rhema reporting live
Lay back listening to the news at seven
Dinning with kings on the table of God
No need for circumcision I'm above the law
(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 2

You can judge me, but you can't sentence me
You can lecture me Yes, but you can't test me
Cause I passed it already on calvary
If my steps slide, they'll slide into the pictures of divinity
Hear the voices in my head, but I listen to the voice in my heart
Cause I got the mind of Christ, yeah you can ask Lesley Hart
His liquid love is epic so I write a rap ballad
No need to precipitate, in Christ I'm rock solid
(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 3

He died on a Friday, huh, rose on a weekend
I'm strong in Christ so, I got no weak ends
His word my constitution, written, no need for amends
Its the Holy Ghost Act 1 section 8, prepend
They started from the bottom I started from the top, ain't talking air drop
No parachute can keep me from flying not even gravity can touch this
See, God is wrong with me, it's why I'm right
He made my life a beautiful music, gave me the copyright
(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 4

I tell His story of how He split history and made His history present to those who wanna make their past history
Christ is the principal principled principle of wisdom get it
If you ain't born again then you're old fashioned, get it
He came all the way from the manger to the throne, get it
From a lamb to a lion, from hell up to heaven
They say clay cannot be turned into gold
I agree
I'm that clay that was turned into a god
(Repeat Chorus)

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Anticipating the Mix-Lyric (August 1st)


I just wanted to brag and throw punch lines at anyone who thought they could mess with me, I wanted them to know that I’m a gangsta for the gospel and God is the Don, so you don’t mess with the don’s kid, got that?



La da da da eh eh eh good bye
Good bye to the world of sin
Life is not a bruise winning everyday is true
I got the right clues I play by different set of rules

Verse 1

His word is stronger than weed it takes me higher
I rap up in my bars don't need no rizla
I roll it up with words, light it up with tongues
Smoke it up with meditation see my clouds are full
My rain has come, I don drink from the water 
I no be WeR³ but I still dey rise and shine
And like TB1 I'm overdose on the Ghost 
I'm a junkie on the anointing He's the love of my life
My Obimo, I love Him more than coke itself
I have the Ghost in me, you could say I'm hunted
Busted my account for the gospel, money declares me wanted
Rapping in front of bars, I cannot be convicted
I'm a free man in Christ so I got bragging rights
I control all things like the universal remote
My flow so sick, I make you itch like chloroquine
I may not be electric but I'm sure to cause shock waves
(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 2

Foresight, insight, my binocular vision
Don't come close don't test me, I'm sure to give a bunion
I'm the light of the world, so my lyrics are my laser
The Word is my sword, like a Jedi with His saber
I can't be copied cause I'm more than rhymes on paper
I'm the agent I'm the vicar, I'm the Bauer to the hour
Just doing it better than Nike, fighting and winning like King David
I cause reactions nuclear fusion cause I'm hard core
I dope His word, release lines into the air
Call them airlines take you higher than cloud nine
I'm insane on His word, I think I need my Membrane, I leave you Edifyer because I speak Rhema
I'm not James or John, but I'm one of the Sons Of Thunder
I speak a different language, I'm not talking abracadabra
I never need a new flame I'm always on fire
I lose my life to preserve it call me the salt of the earth

(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 3

You couldn't crash me even if I was the stock market
You couldn't close me even if its was 4pm
You can't diss me cause I'm in-disssssssssssssss-pensable
I don't spit I speak, I'm not another rapper
My rap is not saliva, my words I've got power
Ergo, Karla God see He is my Father
I rap in front of bars put the devil behind bars
My success is their scary movie oh they can't stand it
My dreams always come true (seriously, they actually do, I mean this literally), I think I have déjà vu
I never need a new place cause success is my rendezvous
I don't do the moonwalk its why I cannot backslide
I'm not lucozade boost, but I'm an energiser
My life is a toast I say cheers to that
I make them yip like dogs when I lip on His word
I can't give cold shoulders, cause they carry the government
I'm stronger than an earthquake I told you I cause shock waves