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Thursday, 24 November 2016


My first year in the university gave me a good chance to learn something.😉

We were a class of 120 students and we had a course rep and an assistant course rep.

They were very exceptional in their work👌👍. They ensured we had accurate information of our Class schedule and other academic info on time🆒.

They did this through their sms system, we received sms everyday for the daily📖 lectures📕.

I always wondered how they funded it, if they used their money, because we had not yet begun to pay 💰class dues💴.

One morning I received an sms❗, informing me of when and where my classes📕 would hold🏤, after reading it I replied 💯"Thank you"💯.

After lectures that afternoon, my assistant course rep came to me, 😄she had this look of relief and appreciation on her face, 😅the kind that you had when a friend tells you he'll clear your debt😆.

"💙Oh Karla thank you so much for your text message, 💟I was so stressed out the message came at the right time💖".

In my head I felt like😂- thank you for thanking me-😂, kidding...

Maybe she was stressed out by the work, and she needed a little appreciation1⃣, recognition2⃣, attention3⃣ or encouragement4⃣, I was just saying "thank you" because I was grateful, but it meant something else to her.

When you say 💬thank you💬, it's not just for you, but also for the person you're saying it to.

ONE SIMPLE "THANKS" can go 1,000 kilometres in......... 😎(complete it)😝