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Friday, 9 December 2016


We talked about #MiKay2016 on Sunday, so I'm sure you know by now what it means.............relax, the bride and the groom scoops are not out yet, they'll be out 2-3 days before the wedding.

[][][][][] Meanwhile

I'm doing an interview on one of the most excellent media person I know, and he is the same person covering the #MiKay2016 event, which is .....(for the benefits of those who don't know) the wedding of Miebi Alice Lloyd and Kelechi David Ihekoronye 😛give it up again people♬♫♪♬.

So here goes the success story of Mobi Emmanuel Izedomi😎😍😎::

I started Photography when I was still in the University, I've always loved media, the things I see on TV inspire me, I love the creativity of photography, so I started working for a TV company in 2008 and I started from being a motions person, video coverage and all, but what really I liked is events coverage, cinematography.

I had three friends that I knew could work together with me, one of us was very creative in editing, I was good with taking shots and the other one was good with video coverage, so one day the name came to me,"ZOE" concepts, it was a combination of our names, Zino, Omas and Emmanuel, and so I called them up and that was how we started, then two years later I decided to be on my own because of some reasons.

I love to be a full media person there is a lot of things involved in media, you have to be thorough in so many things like; how to use the camera, good lighting, good sound, I'm also a sound person, I started learning it in 2005, that's what I was doing before I went into Media, I've witnessed some productions mostly music, where the production had good picture, but sound was terrible; so I thought to myself, I would like to have a production where everything is perfect and that's one of the driving factors for SPRING MEDIA, that's why I started SPRING MEDIA.

The name SPRING MEDIA is a year and six months now, believe it or not it came to me in a dream, I had started the company already and was having clients but it took me a year and some months to give it a name. One day I had a dream, but I didn't remember the dream till later into that day, in the dream, I was leading my photography company and it was called SPRING MEDIA.

So that was it, and then the logo came, my graphics designer designed something after many tries and I loved it, because the one he finally created shows everything about media that I love. So let me talk to you about PHOTOGRAPHY, I love photography so much, I grew up a very 😻shy person so I can't come to you and say "stay, I want to take a picture of you".

So I discovered I could do event Photography, because it is more about capturing the moments than the people, I could go to an event and capture a thousand great moments, I like using my prime lens to take real moments of the events, and I find out that that's the real thing, it's more than just going to them and telling them to smile, it's being able to capture when the smile is most genuine (most times when they don't know you're shooting them).

That's why every time after the wedding when my clients are going thorough the pictures, they're like 😊"awwwwwwww, I didn't know I was doing that, when was I smiling like this?",😊 they start blushing and all. That's one of the reason I love events photography and that's how I got SPRING MEDIA slogan; "keeping your memories rolling", like you can pick up an album of mine and you'll just smile from cover to cover.

It's the same kind of feel I like to create in the, musical videos I produce, the Adverts I produce, a feel of original moments that can be related to.

And that's why I am really excited about #MiKay2016, first of all, from the pre-wedding shots, we just thought of ideas and made them work, of course there were doubts whether it would be creative, but they worked.

Miebi suggested we do something capturing her as a teacher, cause she is a teacher and all; most of the pictures were not intentional, I was just catching the moments, without them knowing, as per they didn't even know I was shooting them, I kept telling them to feel free, I'm a playful person and I wanted them to play, I kept telling them 😛"I'm not snapping, it's not yet time, I'm just testing my camera"😜 and so they were very free and I could get good, nice shots from them.
 The wedding is going to be awesome, we're writing a script, we're also gonna meet with them and let them know that they shouldn't put the weight of the wedding "on their head" that day they should be happy, it's a once in a life time experience, so they should make the most of it. We're gonna act something out of the wedding morning activities. We're gonna be there early enough about 4am to make sure our plans would turn out right and all.

I have a vision for SPRING MEDIA, I'm not exactly where I'm supposed to be right now, I know I'm still coming up, I have a lot of dreams; but one thing I tell myself everyday is- I don't stop learning, I still go for trainings, I tell myself to be consistent in the thing that I do, to be diligent, I decided to give myself a class, a standard, I refused to stay stuck to where I was and I refuse to stick to where I am, I tell myself "If you don't know something ask", I never stop learning, the things I could do with my camera years ago are different from what I do with it now, the knowledge is increased.

For example there are times when I wanted to blur the background, make the subject sharp, and I had to manipulate my camera till I'm able to do it, till I got to the level where I could do the same thing without manipulating my camera.

I want to get to the point where I can take award winning shots that can be sold round the world, I want to be known as the number one event's media planning and coverage company.


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