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Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Anticipating the Mix-Lyric (August 1st)


I just wanted to brag and throw punch lines at anyone who thought they could mess with me, I wanted them to know that I’m a gangsta for the gospel and God is the Don, so you don’t mess with the don’s kid, got that?



La da da da eh eh eh good bye
Good bye to the world of sin
Life is not a bruise winning everyday is true
I got the right clues I play by different set of rules

Verse 1

His word is stronger than weed it takes me higher
I rap up in my bars don't need no rizla
I roll it up with words, light it up with tongues
Smoke it up with meditation see my clouds are full
My rain has come, I don drink from the water 
I no be WeR³ but I still dey rise and shine
And like TB1 I'm overdose on the Ghost 
I'm a junkie on the anointing He's the love of my life
My Obimo, I love Him more than coke itself
I have the Ghost in me, you could say I'm hunted
Busted my account for the gospel, money declares me wanted
Rapping in front of bars, I cannot be convicted
I'm a free man in Christ so I got bragging rights
I control all things like the universal remote
My flow so sick, I make you itch like chloroquine
I may not be electric but I'm sure to cause shock waves
(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 2

Foresight, insight, my binocular vision
Don't come close don't test me, I'm sure to give a bunion
I'm the light of the world, so my lyrics are my laser
The Word is my sword, like a Jedi with His saber
I can't be copied cause I'm more than rhymes on paper
I'm the agent I'm the vicar, I'm the Bauer to the hour
Just doing it better than Nike, fighting and winning like King David
I cause reactions nuclear fusion cause I'm hard core
I dope His word, release lines into the air
Call them airlines take you higher than cloud nine
I'm insane on His word, I think I need my Membrane, I leave you Edifyer because I speak Rhema
I'm not James or John, but I'm one of the Sons Of Thunder
I speak a different language, I'm not talking abracadabra
I never need a new flame I'm always on fire
I lose my life to preserve it call me the salt of the earth

(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 3

You couldn't crash me even if I was the stock market
You couldn't close me even if its was 4pm
You can't diss me cause I'm in-disssssssssssssss-pensable
I don't spit I speak, I'm not another rapper
My rap is not saliva, my words I've got power
Ergo, Karla God see He is my Father
I rap in front of bars put the devil behind bars
My success is their scary movie oh they can't stand it
My dreams always come true (seriously, they actually do, I mean this literally), I think I have déjà vu
I never need a new place cause success is my rendezvous
I don't do the moonwalk its why I cannot backslide
I'm not lucozade boost, but I'm an energiser
My life is a toast I say cheers to that
I make them yip like dogs when I lip on His word
I can't give cold shoulders, cause they carry the government
I'm stronger than an earthquake I told you I cause shock waves