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Sunday, 13 November 2016


Have you ever done something nonconstructive spontaneously, out of the blue?

Which you somehow managed to convince yourself that "It would be fun"!!!.

There are times when, we know, in our hearts that an act would only lead to futility and ephemeral gains, but still you want to get to the end of it- in spontaneity.

Tell yourself the truth, be honest with you, did you completely agree with yourself that there would be no consequences and that if there were any, you would be able to handle them?

Life is much more than what we see or feel with our senses, there is the part of a man's spirit that is cardinal to the quality of his life.

People say the truth is black and white- NO!

The truth is either black or white
The truth is either left or right
The truth is either wrong or right

(Really Karla? Did you have to make it rhyme?)

Yeah I had to, but you get my point.

Be honest with yourself, did you tell yourself the truth? Did you even think about the consequences?

That's where forgiveness comes in.

When the consequences of your actions come to bite you, to move forward you have to;

1. Tell yourself the truth
2. Forgive yourself
3. Keep moving forward (Meet the Robinson's, I love that cartoon!!!)

Someone once said, "the only person standing between you and what you want is you".

That's because sometimes the person's we are not honest with is us, and it comes subtle, like when you say "I will remember" but your spirit is already telling you, "write it down, you might forget" but you ignore it.

That's how you get used to lying to yourself, that by the time you've done something wrong, you ask aghast "why did I do that?"

Love you, be honest with you, forgive you.

The truth is in you and it's white, see it, accept it!