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Tuesday, 22 November 2016


If someone told you-

I will meet you by 5:75 PM
I will set the date for December 32nd

Well, this sounds impossible right?

Sometimes we feel that our life or people are as impossible as these.


Impossible doesn't exist...... it's all a matter of perspective !!!

5:75PM is 6:15PM
December 32nd is simply January 1st

Before you run along and say it's not possible;

Flying wasn't possible....

Electricity wasn't possible.....

Speaking with somebody 10,000 miles and time zones away wasn't possible....

Reading my blog now wasn't possible....

Till....... someone accepted and dared to imagine that it was possible

Is it possible to have your dreams come true?
Is it possible to have the life you want?

Be careful what you think is impossible; while you're explain why it isn't possible, someone will just interrupt you with the proof of it's possibility.

Put an apostrophe and put a space in there.