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Sunday, 6 November 2016

My R and B Experience

So we had decided, we said we would hold the R&B concert, and it was going to be the bomb, we didn’t care what the challenges would be, or the circumstances that surrounded our decision. We said we would hold it and that was final!!!

We had meetings; at church, at the studio, during the day and at night, we prayed like we had not prepared and prepared like we had not prayed, we went out on publicity even at 11pm into 12am placing banners and posters.

Preparing for the R&B concert did something to our spirit, mine especially, I learnt that whatever you want you can get, no matter how hard it might seem. I learnt the power of proper leadership, I learnt what faith means, faith says I want this thing and I have it even if I haven’t seen it yet.

We needed a lot of things, we needed more partnership, we made do with the ones that came to us from our friends and church members.

We went to the radio station Today FM 95.1 to talk about our concert. We went to the press to get our publicity materials, we went everywhere (okay almost everywhere) for partnership.

This program did something to us as Sons Of Thunder.

Our bond was strengthened, our vision became clearer and our faith as a group was tested.

The day of the concert came, we had an all-night into the concert morning, praying and rehearsing for the success of the concert, I had an 8am and a 2pm Exam, Membrane had IT work to do, Rhemah and Edifyer were to arrange for sound and power, at this point in the morning, we had only ₦1,000 so we hadn’t paid for sound yet, the R&B concert was for 4pm 9 hours away. INTERESTING!!!

I got done with my exams by 4pm, which in between were filled with doing follow up and sending bulk sms to our invitees. I got to the venue at about 4:16 PM, our sound was not ready, our invitees were already waiting, I could count 60 persons, I laughed in my heart saying “this is not what we planned”.

We still didn’t have enough money to pay the sound guy and I had to deposit my phone, Edifyer had to borrow money and Membrane and Rhemah made sacrifices. I’m sure in our minds we were asking ourselves “Who send me?” lol.

The sound came by 5pm, and power came up by 5:30PM, as soon as it came up, the generator went off and refused to come back on, so we had to go borrow a friend’s generator that wasn’t in the capacity of this one and unscrew the fuel tap from the old one so we could drain the fuel out INTERESTING!!!

The borrowed generator couldn’t carry the sub woofers. I thought to myself (we’re gonna pay for sound that we didn’t use, more like paying full price for half a service).

We started the sound with the new gen and without the sub woofers but with two speakers, this was already 6pm. My God!!! This was not how we pictured it!

As we started, the people began to turn up, the rap ministrations started, the energy was everywhere, the basketball players were already playing, and at the end of the day, we had 372 persons in attendance and some of which gave their hearts to Christ when we made the alter call.



Season 2 comes up in the first quarter of 2017.