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Wednesday, 23 November 2016


Is there something in there that you don't need but for some reason you keep holding onto?

You tell yourself that'll you'll need it one day, but it seems like that day never comes.

You keep it in your garage, basement or roof house, it just keeps taking space and never bringing any value.

You have a sentimental attachment to your junks.


Your body, mind and soul is like a house. Don't keep junks in it !!!

  • Junks like Gossips
  • Junks like Bitterness
  • Junks like Bad memories
  • Junks like Hate
  • Junks like Guilt
  • Junks like Malice
  • Junks like Assumptions

Put them out in the trash and let them go.

You might have a sentimental attachment to that bitterness because you were the one wronged, but the truth is, when you keep that junk you prevent the good stuff from coming in.

You were wronged, -yes-, forgive and let go, don't keep the junk of malice around, too much junk causes cancer !!!

If the thoughts you are holding unto are not products of , hope, faith and love, then let them go.

If they don't inspire you, they are junks.