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Wednesday, 16 November 2016


Sometimes that's the hardest question to answer.

Why did you do it?

Why do you act like this?

Why are you the way you are?

Why do you have this kind of principle?

Why do you keep these kind of relationships?

Growing up as a teen, the hardest question anyone could ask me was "Tell me about yourself".

Honestly, I didn't know where and how to start, part of the reason was because I wouldn't know how to explain the rationale behind who I was.

If I told someone, "Karla is such and such" and they asked- "really, so why are you like that?" I would not know how to explain it well enough to even satisfy myself.

Till I had an encounter with a my Man Of God- Pastor Amaechi Udeaku, I was 19 when I first met him.

He said "there is a you, in you that you don't know yet, but that God knows and wants to introduce to you, refuse to remain you, meet the new and improved you through HIM"

I will not kid you, I didn't get it at that point, I had to go home and meditate on it. After I did, I was able to answer the question of WHY? for myself  "Karla, why are you the way you are".

I found out something.

Knowing how you act or react is not enough, you need to know why.

There are 3 of YOU
  • The Past You
  • The Present You
  • The Future You
The past you; you know
The present you; you've met
The future you; you've no idea who he is

You cannot live off the past you, he will not take you to the future, but he can answer the questions of why the present you is like this; good or bad.
But you can do something with the present you that can take you to the future you.

Saturday's rhapsody of realities says "Principles, Relationships and Actions". You need to read the rhapsody I tell you, an excerpt- "these three control your plans, purposes and pursuits in them in the right direction for your benefit"

The present you was once your future you and it was dependent on the principles, relationships and actions you had.

So before you go ahead to answer the question of WHY?

Answer the question of your principles
Answer the question of your relationships
Answer the questions of your actions.

Reminds me of someone's spoken word that went like- Mr "bhad" guy why?

Lol, enjoy your day people.

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