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Monday, 26 September 2016

The Language of Communication

Let's take a minute to let our imagination run wild like a wildebeest in the wilderness/

Except that our picture of the wilderness is a fruitful field painted with green spring/

What if God were to merchandise his oxygen, and the currency for purchase would be the wise use of our words?

How would you speak, what would happen to the dumb that cannot speak, would there even be the dumb?

OK, so you see now that its not about the words, but about the communication with our words - or let me add *signs and symbols*

At the end of the imagination, its language we're talking about/

Communication is done through language -  so I ask, what is your language, how do you communicate?

Language is much more than words, it is the entirety of a culture in a gesture/

Some languages don't have "love" expressed in the vocabulary, you should see how they relate love - [Terrible]

I mean, Jesus had to introduce "Agape" to the Jews for they did not know Gods love, just His law/

Paul introduced "Epignosis" to the Greeks, for they only knew the wisdom of men, but not the wisdom of God - for how could he communicate God's wisdom to them if the still thought in the language of men/

Someone asked, what language does the deaf think in if they were born deaf - what you don't understand is that they don't think in terms of language, they think in terms of communication, so they create their own language/

Language was created for communication just as codes were made for programming, it is not the other way back/

But if your language is not right, your communication won't be right - [Bug]

For how can God communicate to you God if you still speak "man"/

Man - the language of limitations/ they still have "teleporting" or whatever they call it in their imaginations, we have the "chariots of fire" and the "Philips Express"_ I haven't even begun to talk about Enoch/

I mean it took ages to discover artificial insemination but ours was more than a simple A I, for there was a biological conception without a biological sperm, I mean is that even possible, can you plant a tree without a seed?

We transcend language that the earthly minds can understand and we move into spiritual communication - speaking in tongues/

It might sound strange, but it doesn't change the fact that it is a language, a high level one/

So we even go higher where we do not just compile tongues but we interpret and at this stage its not communication... here, we COMMUNE/

Language --> Communication --> Communion       all to and with Him/

Here your eyes will be open to create reality, where you don't talk POSSIBILITY, you CREATE REALITY/

Communing brings you to the point where you don't think "it is possible", you think "I CREATE"

Because for something to be possible would mean that impossibility exists/

Let communing with Him, be like an addicts needle to you, the more you use, the more you want, no utility theory/

Karla God


I was so perplexed by His love one day that I asked

How did you do it, how did you love them that didn't know you

You gave yourself for people who didn't know you existed and did it before they even existed

How did you let a garden become your prison
You hung on the plus sign and subtracted sin
Why did you let men make God bleed?
How did you make people who were not keen to you become kin to you?

Turning strangers to relatives- transcending biology- creating spiritual species, SS, the Zoe class

You made yourself an option even though you were the only solution for the equation

So like a lover hoping to get chosen you gave men the opportunity to choose you

Answer me:
because I'm tempted to wish damnation on evil souls that reject the gospel

But :

how can I wish hell for the one whom I claim I love loves?

To wit that God was in Christ, not imputing their trespasses against them, and given unto us/the ministry of reconciliation.

Now it makes more sense

Because He said, to love me, is to love them.


That kind of love that doesn't care if you love back

The kind that works in forgiveness and thats why it never holds back

The kind that goes beyond sharing to sacrificing

His love is more than just a Christmas story, or biblical history no
His history is active enough to make your present timeline divine

Don't you see, you are worth more to Him, than to that boy who has you as an accessory to complement his ego

Don't stay in your shell and say "no one loves me" get out of shell man, you're just an S away from hell

The issues of sin has been dealt with the the children of Amalek, anhilated

Forget loneliness like a useless WiFi network

Connect to His love network, access salvation data. BLW

Don't let your life hover around the financial bermuda triangle

Poverty is unnecessary for He gave you all things, paid fully with agape

So accept Him completely

He bought you with a price don't leave quicker than an Hollywood marriage

Don't be the Christian werewolf Moonlighting with the gospel a church vampire He only sees you at night in your closet when its time to make non-intercessory requests

He gave us His glory so we could become one

We are no longer the ones unto whom He came that rejected Him but we now are sons with him having one Father

Haggai- He is the one who sees me

So come dine with the Kings on the table of God


Agape conquered all