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Sunday, 5 June 2016

IF YOU HAD........

What would you do with 10 million pounds? Don’t answer in a hurry, though I haven’t asked anybody yet – I know that the responses I would get will be very funny, and maybe some might be enlightening.

But I do know of one person that will get married in less than a year if he has £1,000,000, hahahahahahahahaha (I hope he’s reading this now), he says “with the kind of ladies we have around, you’ll just wake up one morning and find out you are married, a ring in your finger and the lady beside you on the bed” can’t stop laughing because, there is some truth in that.

OK, so here goes.....


1st I would most definitely pay my tithe, and yes, I WOULD MOST DEFINITELY PAY MY TITHE, and yes I would….. ok, I think I’ve made my point, that is £1,000,000 as tithe.

2nd I would give my partnership of £1,000,000 yes, I know, I know, partnership reps would love me (seriously guys, hope you’re reading this).

3rd Another £1,000,000 for other givings, you know – just for the SPREADING of the gospel and some extra for inner-city, my favourite partnership arm, I will definitely be among the top hundred in that year….. hahahah gloryyyyyyyyy.


4th £2,000,000 will go for my agriculture and manufacturing based company; first I’ll purchase vast acres of land plus existing farms, in the South South and in the South East region, Delta State and Ebonyi State to be precise, Delta State because of her rich oil – PALM OIL, plantain, Palm Trees, Cassava, and human resource with physical strength.

Ebonyi state because of her cashew, salt, rice, vast variety of yam, cassava and cocoyam, her fruits and vegetables, and her rich human resource that specializes in the art of buying and selling YES the Igbos know the art of buying and selling.

I would employ bright young minds in agriculture studies round the country and a few outside to make sure that my large farm profits wonderfully, adding to that, I will grow vegetables and fruits, especially tomatoes and pepper, so we won’t have this “tomato ebola” scenario again affecting the South, and so the Nation can have two major source of agricultural supply.

I will invest in animal husbandry and have an animal produce factory, where I’ll produce, store, package and distribute all things animal produce, that way no one will have a bloody reason to import meat, I’ll do the exporting.

Same thing goes for the rice and salt and other produces in these locations. By the time I arrive in the Agricultural industry, farmers will be glad to have my Agro Company around because they will have a steady buyer.

I’ll set up branches in African countries with not much food and good soil, just so I can export to them and sell to them at subsidized rate, and in return, they give me subsidized tax and smooth and profitable investment business policies.

5th £500,000 will go for my restaurant, SHARED RESTAURANT; it’ll be like the MacDonald’s of Nigeria, without the burger part of it though. I’ll probably buy up Mr Biggs (Make him an offer he can’t refuse) and re-brand it to SHARED RESTAURANT; since I own my own farm, it means I’ll become my own chief supplier of raw food produce for my restaurant, management cost accountants will love this (lol, if you get it, smile with me).

6th £500,000 will be used to set up my business school, KEC Business School; here I can train the right human resource (and have them pay for it) where 50% of my prestigious students will likely be recruited to work for me, the bests will become Top Level Managers, the second bests will become Middle Level Managers and the third bests will become Low Level Managers.

This way, I’ll ensure entrepreneurs with the right training are produced in Nigeria, and also, that I never run out of capable human resource for my companies. Through this business school, I can set up skill acquisition centres and groom young people in different entrepreneurial activities, especially in agriculture.

7th £500,000 will be used to set up my micro-finance bank that will be affiliated with Guarantee Trust, all my staff must and will have an account with my Micro Finance Bank, that’s where I’ll pay their salaries to, and it can also help them save money and take loans.

8th £1,000,000 will go for the business of transportation, Land and Sea, I have no interest in aviation at the moment. I figure if I own my transportation company, shipping and driving my goods to their desired locations would be more profitable for me.

9th  £250,000 will be used to set up my all arts school, I think I’ll call it ………… ok, I’m still thinking, maybe you can give me ideas, but keep in mind that this arts school will go a long way in improving Nollywood.

10th £100,000 will be used to set up my fashion company, Katartizo Fashion House.

11th £100,000 will be used to flex, with my family, my loved ones, get a Family house, family estate, some cars, vacation etc.

12th £50,000 will be used to build me a personal house and an awesome music studio amongst other things.

13th I’ll save £2,000,000 in my Swiss and Cayman accounts to keep them away from some certain Bad Belle people at FCT. I will be needing them later.

So with £10,000,000 I can own a large piece of the industries that are important and crucial to every aspect of a Nations Economy.