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KarlaGod Poems

1. THE TALENTS To whom He gave 5, he multiplied To whom He gave 4, he multiplied To whom He gave 3, he multiplied To whom He gave 2, he multiplied Even if it's 1 talent He's given me, God forbid that I hide it, I multiply                    2. THE BOX In the box hid the sound In the sound hid the words In the words hid the thoughts In the thoughts hid................ Till he left the box, and brought all that was IN out to his side ........THINK OUTSIDE THE ⬛                3. THE GRACE RACE Slow and steady ran a race But the race was won by grace If slow is supposed to make you fast Then our future is our past For grace is not about speed Grace is about time
                       4. OUR RELATIONSHIP Every David has a Bathsheba Every Samson has a Delilah But God forbid that I should be any man's weakness, the one that makes him slip I'll rather be his strength, the one that gives him good sleep So if you fall in love with me, it had better be with my…

Download and listen to I'm blessed by D'Edifyer

Eyo, this is D'Edifyer, I wrote this song, I'M BLESSED, it's a confession of our faith in Christ, we're blessed.
Download the song by clicking on this link
Or copy the link and paste on your url bar