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Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Itz #MiKay2016 - The Bride Tale

So, ladies first, this is my interview with Sis Miebi, (😉don't tell her but she was blushing all through, especially at the "cooking" part😋).

Here goes:

KGB: Who is... (and I'm laughing)- I guess you know who we're talking about😊😊

Mi: Who is me? 😊😁

KGB: No Bro KC, who is he.... like to you😀

Mi: awww awww😊(this is where her blushing started)😊 Bro KC is like bro KC, he's the head of Protocol.

KGB: (Sly you😁) ehnnn we know, but no that's not what I'm asking, I mean who is he to you?😎

Mi: He is my soon to be husband

(Talk about it)😛💑

KGB: Ok now I'm talking of his person.... what thoughts come to your mind when you think about him or that moment you're at work and your thoughts wander to him, what's that thought that you get....

Mi: Happy actually😁, happy; that's the word I could use to describe it. When I say happy I mean his person, many times he makes me laugh, even in the arguments, he always finds a way of making it into a laugh we don't just get angry and leave it, somehow we just have to end up laughing.

KGB: Whats your earliest memory with him when was the first time you both had a meaningful conversation that lead to😂😁.... You know....this Connubial Bliss😀👏

Mi: I can't really place it, but I always saw him in church, I was working on a business proposal for Clue Events at the time, I wanted to expand, I think that was in October 2013, I went to talk to Pastor Godwin because I needed some accounting advice and he was like "meet Bro KC" and I'm like who's bro KC and he said "the guy that stands with Pastor, he's an accountant". So I went to talk to him, and he said lets see later and that was how we became friends, we started chatting and we gisted, friendship became stronger and interests grew. (Interests grew... I'll learn from that)

KGB: When you were having this friendship what were the series of events that made you decide you would marry Him? Was there something he did, or actions he portrayed that triggered that decision?

Mi: Ok, first of all, for me, I had said that, when I'm gonna get married to someone, the person has to be full of the Word, grounded in the Word, know the Word in other for me to learn from the person, I wanted someone who was higher than me in that aspect, you know of course being the head of the home is not, is not- its not beans.😂😎(yes oh my -sista-, it is not beans, a good head is the head whose head is Christ)

I noticed over time that when I asked him (questions pertaining to the Word), there's a way he analyses it, he breaks it down, he quotes the scripture he tells you how it is. So it happened over and over again and I thought like -this is it, this is the prayer answered-.

Just knowing that we're in the same church, you know sitting here in church and you get to see how Pastor Amaechi explains the word- and I'm like wow😇😱.

And he, he can cook🍜, it's awesome.... there are days when I'm at work and he just calls and he's like "have you eaten"?🍝 And he says "okay, I'll just cook and bring something for you to church"🍲, some days I would just be working and working and he's fixing something up for me🍱 (it's amazing he's that thoughtful).

KGB: Amazing- I know you are an event planner, Clue Events- and you have planned other people's wedding, so tell me how has it been planning your wedding?

Mi: I can say the ones I've done so far has been easy, really easy, but this one, my own, it's like---- hmmmmm---- So now I had to have a planner, Pastor Koya is my planner, he is helping me oversee some things, for example, I had not chosen my colours, I didn't know what colours to use at first....

KGB: and thats one of the first things you usually do for your customers....😁right?

Mi: yeahhhhhhhh,😁😁 but so far its been good. Sometimes I'm just thinking and some times I just laugh about it, we laugh about it, especially when we're together and we're saying some things. I'm excited (about the wedding), there are challenges but I just see God at work.

KGB: So how many kids would you like to have?

Mi: Yeah we discussed it and we're looking at 2, just two, whether its two girls or two boys or a boy and a girl.

KGB: Um so people are gonna be reading this on KarlaGodBlog, so what advice would you give to single ladies.

Mi: Um, ok maybe I'm gonna use my experience. At some point, at first it felt like there was no reason why I was there it seemed like nothing was going to happen, I just stayed, we were friends since 2013😏, and then this year he met Pastor, Pastor helped to guide us, I think early this year was when he made the decision, he met Pastor and that was how it......😀😂...... I think he will fill you in better on that part.😁😂😀

KGB: 😂😁😀O.....K..... So thank you very much for your time, we appreciate it, it's time now to go talk to the groom, you'll be seeing this on KGB soon😂

Mi: You're welcome dear, thank you too.

So that's it, you heard it already tune in later, for the Groom's story😉.