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Wednesday, 2 November 2016



This was my first ever attempt at rap, it was my first ever hip hop related work, I wrote this at a stage in my life where I didn't even know what punch lines were, I didn't even know or had the inclination that I could become a rapper.

So when White Mic, picked me and said “You seem bold, you’re bold, I think you can rap, come I’ll teach you”, I went to him and he took me on 2 rap classes, the things he taught me spiked something in me, it was like he brought out rap from me, even when I didn't know it was there. After the classes he gave me an assignment, to write a spoken word, I picked one of my write ups from my archive of “stuff I have written” which was this one, tweaked some lines, and made it into my introduction.


Yeah I just wanted to brag and throw punch lines at anyone who thought they could mess with me.

Track 3 – WHO YOU ARE

This was my first ever Solo.

I wrote this to myself, and for every person who was having a complex issue or going through some challenges without the confidence to confront them. I was at a point where I looked down on myself as a rapper (I was just 4-5 months into this thing). Then the Holy-Spirit spoke to me one day and He said, “I told you before, you’re a king you’re a star, don’t forget who you are”, and that was it.

Track 4 – TGIGC

It was a Friday praise team choir rehearsal at my musical hometown, DBC (Da Blazing Choir), we had just finished rehearsing. My musical mayor BC (Brother Chiedozie) yawned and asked if it was a Friday, we replied, and he said TGIF, then boom!!! it came to me, THANK GOD I GOT CHRIST. (Honest, I cross my heart and hope to live).


This is one of the hardest song I ever wrote, I got the sound track, and for about 3 months no lyrics came to me, but I knew the title was “Salvation Song”, I kept praying in tongues with the soundtrack, i.e, anytime I wanted to pray in tongues, I would plug it to my ears.

In 3 weeks, I got verse 1, verse 2 came in one day, verse 3 came in two days and that was it. In all, it took me about 6 months to write this song and decide that it was perfect, I rehearsed it for cumulatively 42 hours, and even after these hard work, I had to correct myself consecutively 3 times on stage, when ministering it…...

I know that this song is for someone, who is planning to give up on life, when they hear "Salvation Song" they'll decide to live; and live for Christ.


This song is a deep reflection of my thoughts on love and what He would look like if I could see him in a picture. I and Fortune Rex wrote this song at the basketball court one Saturday morning. It was beautiful.
Funny enough, for a song called "Perfect Picture" it isn't so perfect. Irony.

Track 7 – NO DOUBTS

It’s like this, that moment you realize your dream is so big it scares you; Faith steps in and tells you, NO DOUBTS!

 This song is dedicated to our Man of God, our Zonal Director Pastor Amaechi Udeaku


Rico - Meek Mill ft Drake
Hans Zimmer – Time inception
Death of Auto tune - Jay Z
Pretty Hurts - BeyoncĂ© 
Ready - Bob ft Future
Tap out - Rich Gang