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Anticipating the Mix-Lyric (AUGUST 1ST)

This was my first ever attempt at rap, it was my first ever rap related work, I wrote this at a stage in my life when I didn't even know what punch lines were, I didn't even know or had the inclination that I could become a rapper as at the time I wrote this. So in November 2014 when White Mic, picked me and said “You seem bold, you’re bold, I think you can rap, come I’ll teach you”, I went to him and he took me on 2 rap classes, the things he taught me spiked something in me, it was like he brought out rap from me, even when I didn't know it was there. After the classes he gave me an assignment, to write a spoken word, I picked one of my write ups from my archive of “stuff I have written” which was this one, tweaked some lines, and made it into my introduction.
SO HERE GOES THE LYRICS You know language is limiting, especially in English speaking
How do you express what you feel in words in respect to the speed of your thoughts
That's why I s…

Anticipating the Mix-Lyric (August 1st)

Track 4 – WHO YOU ARE

I wrote this song to myself, and for every person who was having a complex issue or going through some challenges without the confidence to confront those challenges. This was at a point where I looked down on myself as a rapper, I felt intimidated and less of myself. Then the Holy-Spirit spoke to me one day and He said, “I told you before, you’re a king you’re a star, don’t forget who you are, don't forget where you're from, you got greatness” And that was it - BOOM! The song was birthed.

HERE GOES THE LYRICS Verse 1 You're worth more than gold, you're worth more than silver You're worth the blood of Christ, and that's why you're a winner Your limitations are unreal don't let them fret you out Refuse the voice of confusion work in His glorious light The walls you see today were not meant to stand at all Take out the word of God for it is our wrecking ball This is real people, its as real as real time The word of God can change you no matt…