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Thursday, 24 November 2016


My first year in the university gave me a good chance to learn something.😉

We were a class of 120 students and we had a course rep and an assistant course rep.

They were very exceptional in their work👌👍. They ensured we had accurate information of our Class schedule and other academic info on time🆒.

They did this through their sms system, we received sms everyday for the daily📖 lectures📕.

I always wondered how they funded it, if they used their money, because we had not yet begun to pay 💰class dues💴.

One morning I received an sms❗, informing me of when and where my classes📕 would hold🏤, after reading it I replied 💯"Thank you"💯.

After lectures that afternoon, my assistant course rep came to me, 😄she had this look of relief and appreciation on her face, 😅the kind that you had when a friend tells you he'll clear your debt😆.

"💙Oh Karla thank you so much for your text message, 💟I was so stressed out the message came at the right time💖".

In my head I felt like😂- thank you for thanking me-😂, kidding...

Maybe she was stressed out by the work, and she needed a little appreciation1⃣, recognition2⃣, attention3⃣ or encouragement4⃣, I was just saying "thank you" because I was grateful, but it meant something else to her.

When you say 💬thank you💬, it's not just for you, but also for the person you're saying it to.

ONE SIMPLE "THANKS" can go 1,000 kilometres in......... 😎(complete it)😝

Wednesday, 23 November 2016


Is there something in there that you don't need but for some reason you keep holding onto?

You tell yourself that'll you'll need it one day, but it seems like that day never comes.

You keep it in your garage, basement or roof house, it just keeps taking space and never bringing any value.

You have a sentimental attachment to your junks.


Your body, mind and soul is like a house. Don't keep junks in it !!!

  • Junks like Gossips
  • Junks like Bitterness
  • Junks like Bad memories
  • Junks like Hate
  • Junks like Guilt
  • Junks like Malice
  • Junks like Assumptions

Put them out in the trash and let them go.

You might have a sentimental attachment to that bitterness because you were the one wronged, but the truth is, when you keep that junk you prevent the good stuff from coming in.

You were wronged, -yes-, forgive and let go, don't keep the junk of malice around, too much junk causes cancer !!!

If the thoughts you are holding unto are not products of , hope, faith and love, then let them go.

If they don't inspire you, they are junks.


Tuesday, 22 November 2016


If someone told you-

I will meet you by 5:75 PM
I will set the date for December 32nd

Well, this sounds impossible right?

Sometimes we feel that our life or people are as impossible as these.


Impossible doesn't exist...... it's all a matter of perspective !!!

5:75PM is 6:15PM
December 32nd is simply January 1st

Before you run along and say it's not possible;

Flying wasn't possible....

Electricity wasn't possible.....

Speaking with somebody 10,000 miles and time zones away wasn't possible....

Reading my blog now wasn't possible....

Till....... someone accepted and dared to imagine that it was possible

Is it possible to have your dreams come true?
Is it possible to have the life you want?

Be careful what you think is impossible; while you're explain why it isn't possible, someone will just interrupt you with the proof of it's possibility.

Put an apostrophe and put a space in there.


Monday, 21 November 2016


"There's such a thing as 100%, there is such a thing as excellence, you can get it right on every levels".......(Pastor Amaechi Udeaku)

It is possible to have 100% !

The moment you begin to make excuses for your not-so-excellent results, is the moment you condition your spirit to accept excuses.

Oh we didn't do it right..... it's because we were doing that one-

You didn't deliver the goods on time.... it's because we had such and such-

You didn't become successful in life..... it's because my dad was a drunk-

Oh you're still's because my family is poor-

Why do you still have this habit?'s because-



Yes you- it starts with you, you have to stop giving yourself excuses for your "Failures", don't try to pass the buck onto someone else or something else.

Accept that it is your fault then deal with it.


Look for another opportunity to do the same thing you did, but this time- refuse to make the same mistakes you made then come out excellent.


Sunday, 20 November 2016


I learnt this week, that money gravitates, to where it would be multiplied, this is why the rich keep getting rich, and the poor remain poor.

Studying economics in school, I never liked the Socialist theory. I thought "why punish the rich for the sake of the poor, why try to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor by trying to make the rich poor". Thats really... *# !!!

A smarter way would be to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor by making the poor richer- teach them how to become financially smart..... Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

I heard of a guy who won a lottery ticket and he got over $500,000, but after a year, he went back to being broke, I mean he was reduced to a worse state than he was before he won the lottery, now he was deep in debts.

How sad 😥

Meanwhile you find someone who starts a multinational company worth billions of dollars from a garage.

It's the multiplier effect at work.

0 x 1,000,000=0

2 x 1,000,000= you know the answer.

If a man is poor it doesn't matter how much you give to him, he will lose it, thats because poverty is not absence of money, it is absence of vision. If there's no vision to that money, there'll be no need for it and it wouldn't come, if you got it, it would grow wings.

What do you spend on? What assets has your money made?

Rich people got rich by making others become rich, that's why you see their business growing bigger- expansion, he employs more people and creates more wealth.

People say they want more money, but do they really know what to do with it.

If you had a £10,000,000 what would you do with it?

Saturday, 19 November 2016



A professor stood before his philosophy class and had some items
in front of him.
When the class began, wordlessly, he picked up a very large empty
mayonnaise jar and
continued to fill it with golf balls. He then asked the students if the
jar was full.

They agreed that it was.
So the professor then picked up a box of pebbles and poured
them in the jar.
He shook the jar lightly to make the pebbles roll into the open
areas between the
golf balls. He then asked the students again if the jar was full
and they agreed it was.
The professor next picked up a box of sand and poured it into
the Jar, of course, the sand filled up everything else.
He asked again if the jar was full,
the students responded with a unanimous “yes”.
“Now” said the professor, as the laughter subsided, "I want you to
recognize that this jar represents your life”.
“The golf balls are the important things; your family, your children,
your health,
your friends, your favorite passions; things that if everything else
was lost and only they remained, your life would still be full”. 
"The pebbles are the other things that matter like your job, your
house, your car etc”. 
“The sand is everything else; the small stuff”. 
He continued saying, “now if you put the small things first into the jar,
there is no room for the pebbles or the golf balls”. 
The same goes for life. If you spend all your time and energy on the
small stuff,
you will never have room for the things that are really important to
Pay attention to the things that are critical to your happiness,
play with your children,
take time to get medical check-ups, take time out to go out
with your partner.
There will always be time to clean the house, and fix the disposal. 
Take care of the golf balls first, which is the thing that really matter.
Set your priorities in life. The rest is just sand.

Afrik Armando told me today, "it is not the big things that
sink a ship, it is the little
things; the little holes. The reason for some people's failure
in life doesn't
come from the big things it is the little things they do that
become a habit;
so pay attention to every little detail"

The things you set as your priority will go a long way
to determine your success in life,
let excellence be at the top of that list.

Friday, 18 November 2016


What do you do when life denies it knows you

How do you change it's point of view

When your intentions are turned to conclusions of failure

Before you ever start the big giant NO says yes to giving up, like a despairing sailor

That anticipates the waves before embarking on the journey and succumbs in despair

How do you make life's complexion fair

Principles, mindsets, mind-games and strategies to hang your gloves

A million reason life gives to you to stay in a corner of the globe

But the world's not flat or square you are meant to go round it

Not stay in a corner made by 2 horizontal walls of "I & Quit"

If you can't build the bridge, take a leap of faith

This is war and the fight would burn the bridge but not your faith

For that is where the victory lies, when you look life in the eye and say "you can't stop me"

What do you do when life denies it knows you

How do you change it's point of view


Thursday, 17 November 2016


If you were standing in front of God and he asks you.......

Don't answer yet.

Take a moment;

- pause
- think
- breathe
- reflect


THERE. YOU HAVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-What you don't believe me- I thought you just chose?

Well I don't have it?

Well how did you choose it then?

If you chose it, then you have it!

If you have it, then you chose it!

You might not accept it, but it is the truth.

Dreams and wishes are not the same.


The fact that you don't see them doesn't mean they're not there.

Your life is not ruled by circumstances, it is ruled by your decisions actions.

I learnt in today's rhapsody that you can replace your fear with faith.

You can choose to be rich or be poor.

You can choose to be a complainer or an agent of change.

You can choose to be a victim of circumstances or a victor.

You can choose to let the system affect you, or be above it.

The choice is seen in your actions not your decisions, because your decision is between you and you.

What the world sees, respects, acknowledges and would react to- is- your actions whether they are in line with your decisions or not.

You want to be rich? Something as simple as keeping your personal financial records or as simple as not doing it, can be a determining factor.

Pastor Amaechi says, "never leave a place of decision without taking an action commensurate with that decision"

You have decided you would be this.

What actions have you taken in respect to it?


The choice is yours.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016


Sometimes that's the hardest question to answer.

Why did you do it?

Why do you act like this?

Why are you the way you are?

Why do you have this kind of principle?

Why do you keep these kind of relationships?

Growing up as a teen, the hardest question anyone could ask me was "Tell me about yourself".

Honestly, I didn't know where and how to start, part of the reason was because I wouldn't know how to explain the rationale behind who I was.

If I told someone, "Karla is such and such" and they asked- "really, so why are you like that?" I would not know how to explain it well enough to even satisfy myself.

Till I had an encounter with a my Man Of God- Pastor Amaechi Udeaku, I was 19 when I first met him.

He said "there is a you, in you that you don't know yet, but that God knows and wants to introduce to you, refuse to remain you, meet the new and improved you through HIM"

I will not kid you, I didn't get it at that point, I had to go home and meditate on it. After I did, I was able to answer the question of WHY? for myself  "Karla, why are you the way you are".

I found out something.

Knowing how you act or react is not enough, you need to know why.

There are 3 of YOU
  • The Past You
  • The Present You
  • The Future You
The past you; you know
The present you; you've met
The future you; you've no idea who he is

You cannot live off the past you, he will not take you to the future, but he can answer the questions of why the present you is like this; good or bad.
But you can do something with the present you that can take you to the future you.

Saturday's rhapsody of realities says "Principles, Relationships and Actions". You need to read the rhapsody I tell you, an excerpt- "these three control your plans, purposes and pursuits in them in the right direction for your benefit"

The present you was once your future you and it was dependent on the principles, relationships and actions you had.

So before you go ahead to answer the question of WHY?

Answer the question of your principles
Answer the question of your relationships
Answer the questions of your actions.

Reminds me of someone's spoken word that went like- Mr "bhad" guy why?

Lol, enjoy your day people.

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Tuesday, 15 November 2016


The right thing to do isn't always easy

The easy thing to do isn't always right

To always want easy is to be cheezy

A weak person who doesn't have the will of might

Tossed to and fro on the swing of indecision

Satisfying the walls of challenges the confidence to stand

Because you have not yet the principle to stay through with the tunnel vision

So you fall in, face down, and give up, to let the opposition stand

How sad to give in to the doubts and give up on your dreams

Sleep walking through the years but you thought you were awake to the reality

The reality that said, "you will not make it, it's too hard" was all but a scheme

Of work by the opposition to keep you napping on "seeming" failures of bravery

That are there to build you character strong to never give up because it's easy

But stay through to accomplish and experience the joy of finishing

If your plans change, it should be for bigger fishery

Bigger nets. bigger boats, bigger plans- let's go a fishing!!!

They say a fool at 40 is a fool forever

I guess Moses was a successful fool to not have discovered his purpose till he was 80

Yet he made history and changed the life of the Israelites forever

Disregard the opinions of the LIMITS, YOU'RE NOT YET EIGHTY

And even if you are, be like Moses, challenge your Pharaoh and part your red sea


Monday, 14 November 2016


I was seeing a cartoon recently, KungFu Panda 3, Master Shifu said something in his training -

"If all you do is all you can, you will never be more than you are now"

It took me.

I rewound to that scene for about 5 times, before I continued the cartoon, it was like Rhemah to me.

Don't be limited to only what you can do.

There's more
There's always more
There is always more.

I have met people who say "I can't kill myself, this is all I can do"

No one's asking your to kill yourself, I'm asking me (you) to be more than myself (yourself).

Sometimes we think the limits are external, or are consequences of someone else' actions - when the truth is that they are internal.

They exist in your mind, but you're not telling yourself the truth so you come up with excuses that are too lame to sit up to the truth about why you can't achieve your dreams.

"If all you do is all you can......"

I like to go beyond what I can do, that's the area where mistakes can be allowed to happen, but even in this realm there is a part of an excellent spirit that comes to mind where you can get it right the first time you try.

You can't afford to let all that you are and all that you can do be limited to your status quo or labels and opinions of other people.

Don't be ordinary, go beyond the extra mile, be more than you are now.


Sunday, 13 November 2016


Have you ever done something nonconstructive spontaneously, out of the blue?

Which you somehow managed to convince yourself that "It would be fun"!!!.

There are times when, we know, in our hearts that an act would only lead to futility and ephemeral gains, but still you want to get to the end of it- in spontaneity.

Tell yourself the truth, be honest with you, did you completely agree with yourself that there would be no consequences and that if there were any, you would be able to handle them?

Life is much more than what we see or feel with our senses, there is the part of a man's spirit that is cardinal to the quality of his life.

People say the truth is black and white- NO!

The truth is either black or white
The truth is either left or right
The truth is either wrong or right

(Really Karla? Did you have to make it rhyme?)

Yeah I had to, but you get my point.

Be honest with yourself, did you tell yourself the truth? Did you even think about the consequences?

That's where forgiveness comes in.

When the consequences of your actions come to bite you, to move forward you have to;

1. Tell yourself the truth
2. Forgive yourself
3. Keep moving forward (Meet the Robinson's, I love that cartoon!!!)

Someone once said, "the only person standing between you and what you want is you".

That's because sometimes the person's we are not honest with is us, and it comes subtle, like when you say "I will remember" but your spirit is already telling you, "write it down, you might forget" but you ignore it.

That's how you get used to lying to yourself, that by the time you've done something wrong, you ask aghast "why did I do that?"

Love you, be honest with you, forgive you.

The truth is in you and it's white, see it, accept it!

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Deliberate Mistakes

I know I got a strong heart but weak eyes

Cry when I'm angry, laugh when I'm sad

Don't mistake dem liquid for weakness

Wouldn't let hate burn me so I let it flow out through the windows of my soul

Bitterness turns to salt and water when my knees hit the floor

Not worried about any disrespects

I got God's respect

It is our month of moving forward after all

My Earliest Memory

The woman had a basket on her head full with fishes; there were little ones and big ones. I knew this because this was not the first time she had been to my grand-mother’s shop. I was standing there beside the half broken protector wrapping my fingers around the belt attached to my favorite navy blue colored gown.

“Were your mama, go tell am say fish don com”.

I stood there studying her as she let down the basket of fish from her head without dropping the piece of rag from her head that she uses to steady it; I found it intriguing and curious, but the curiosity vanished as soon as she removed the rag and stood akimbo looking tired and staring at the little girl who wouldn’t go call her grandmother.

“Were your mama na” she asked in an irritated tone, “abeg call am come, I get market to sell for olori road”.

Bashful me stood there staring and studying her with curiosity that I could not explain, until suddenly my aunt Jorfa (meaning: add another one) ran out,

“mama dey come, she dey backyard”.

Aunty Jorfa half-dragged me as I half-walked behind her through the passage to the backyard.
“Ayash!!!” I screamed as I felt the pain of a dry palm kernel under my feet.

“idiao?” my grandmother shouted from the mud kitchen, my aunt replied in Urhobo, I didn’t understand anything they said except that my grandmother left in a hurry to the front to meet the “fish-woman”.

“Come, let’s go to the front” she said with so much enthusiasm on her face.

“Why?” I asked as if I didn’t already know the answer.

“Because we’re going to take some fish from that woman and cook it here on the firewood with tin-tomato cup”.

"You mean steal right"?

"Call it anything else but that"

That was my aunt, very adventurous, she loved to break rules and always picked me as her partner in crime, never understood why she did it with me, I always thought it was because she was the youngest in the family, until my mum gave birth to me. Mama had always warned us to steer clear from the fire place in the kitchen, but not aunty Jorfa, she never listened.

So I went with her as we tip toed to the front through the compound small gate, the “fish-woman” was talking to mama with her hands standing akimbo. Mama had bought what looked like a dozen of fishes that she could smoke and re-sell to her customers.

“Go to the shop and bring one of mama’s empty cigarette packets so that we can put the small fishes inside”.

I hurried off on her instructions with the enthusiasm of a child that just got a new toy and that was up to mischief with it. I squeezed behind mama’s back and slid carefully through the half broken protector so that the sharp edges don’t scratch me, since mama and her “fish-friend” had taken all the space on the balcony where we sell food stuff, they were eating kola and chewing tobacco and did not notice me searching the cigarette baskets for gold colored empty packets of Benson&Hedges. 

“There, I found it!” I said to myself as I shook one packet and heard no sound of cigarettes inside, I hurried off to meet aunty Jorfa who was already stealing little fresh fishes from the basket.

“Come, be quick with the packet!” I gave it to her and she scooped the fishes from the basket to the cigarette packet.

“Wetin una dey do?” We stood up startled at my aunt; aunty Oke (Full name Okeoghene meaning: the gift of God).

“Una dey tiff mama-fish fish, I dey go tell mama” she said now walking towards my grand mum. “No tell mama, I go give you from the fish” replied aunty Jorfa dragging aunty Oke to the backyard so that mama and her friend wouldn’t get distracted from their gossip and notice our mischief. 

“No, I go tell mama” aunty Oke said flinging her wrist from her hold and attempting to walk towards my grand mum and her friend.

“Ok I go wash plate for you” said aunty Jorfa with a pleading voice, but she didn’t seem to pay any attention.

“For three-days”, she continued, trying to persuade her with a reasonable bribe, this time she stopped.

“One-week” replied aunty Oke shrugging.

“Ok, for one week, but I no go give you fish”, concluded aunty Jorfa.

 “Who talk say I want your fish, abeg e dey smell carry am comot”.

“Wetin dey smell?” Three of us looked and saw mama, right there in front of us, we were so engrossed in our discussion that we did not notice she had finished her talk with her friend. 

“Na Oke, she never baff” said aunty Jorfa, while hiding the cigarette of small fishes behind her and beckoning me to collect it.

“Oya, nya hor!” Mama shouted to Oke in Urhobo, meaning she should go have her bath. As aunty Oke left the backyard, mama drove us out of the kitchen to the store to watch over and sell her food stuff.

Aunty Jorfa being the shrewd person that she is quickly took the cigarette packet from me and hid it near her bag in the girls’ room. I wasn’t worried about the fish smelling because our room smelled anyway. There were no window outlets, the one available was already closed because leaving it open would invite mosquitoes, the window doors were made of wood, there were no louvers like the ones in my mum’s school room in Benin City.

The room was packed with ghana-must-go bags of my aunts’ clothes. Four medium sized tin basins were stacked up in another corner one for each of my aunts’, another corner situated a spring bed, that my aunty Takpo (Full name is Etakpobuno meaning: the talk of life is much) slept because she was the eldest of us, and on the wall just over the bed hung a calendar that told a story of an angel defeating the devil in a boxing match. 

Under the bed were our thin mattresses that would pass for sleeping mats, save for the foams that tear out of it constantly. There were two mattresses, one big and one small, the big one was for aunty genero (Full name is Oghenero meaning: God’s here), aunty Oke and aunty Jorfa, and the small one was for me. Towards the top of the room just over the window was a rope tied to hang our wrappers and our clothes whether dirty or clean. An old shelf/cupboard was situated at the other part of the room opposite the spring bed; this was where my aunts kept their sack school bags, stacked their books, uniforms, and some of their important stuff that they didn’t want to lose to the untidiness of the room. On the floor just beside the shelf/cupboard was where we kept our foot wears, and sometimes where we threw our dirty clothes when the rope near the window was full of hung clothes.

Aunty Oke came running naked and wet into the room with a small rag that looked like a towel for cleaning her body.

“Oke” aunt Jorfa shouted in a concerned tone.

“Idiao, why you dey shout my name like that na”.

“Sẹ mama don tell you say make you no dey baff for outside again”.

Mama had warned aunty Oke to bath in the bathroom, because she was now developing “odibo”.

“Bicko e bathroom ina u ogbo”, that was urhobo for the bathroom is smelling.

 Aunty Jorfa mumbled some words in urhobo to her and she in-turn mumbled more until apparently, it looked like they came to an understanding on something, and I never understood what it was.

Aunty Takpo and aunty Genero walked into the room, they just got back from hawking fish and we all greeted them.

“Migwo” we chorused (an urhobo greeting from a younger person to an elder that meant: I’m on my knees). 

“Una don baff” asked aunty genero. 

“Na only me” replied aunty Oke who was now going through the ghana-must-go-bag for clean clothes to wear.

“Oya make una go baff, jophere” (jophere means: make it snappy, or, chop chop).

I and aunty jorfa took buckets to go fetch water from the nearby well for our evening bath.

“What of the fish”, I asked as we walked to the next compound to fetch water.

“We wi fry it before we go and baff, mama has left the kitchen”, “ok” I replied with much mania. 

We got to the well and had to wait to borrow a neighbor’s fetching bucket because we forgot ours, I watched as she tenaciously drew the water out of the well even though the fetching bucket filled with water was a little more than she could handle, she finally filled our bathing bucket, we carried the bucket of water to the front of the house near the street, which was the spot where we had our bath.

Aunty Jorfa was allowed to bathe outside, mama always said that this year would be the last year she would bathe outside, because she had started developing “odibo”.

The next trick aunty Jorfa had to pull was to sneak the fish out of the room without alerting the prying nature of aunty Takpo and Genero. I was beginning to think like aunty Jorfa, I conceived a plan on how I would distract them. Aunty Jorfa went to the room to act like she was picking up our sponge and soap, and immediately I started screaming and calling out aunty Takpo and Genero’s name, they rushed out both with faces showing fear and surprise. I pointed to the ground showing them a harmless little earth worm that was crawling its way under a stone. With a sigh of relief they looked at me like you would look at a mischievous child who just played one on you just for the fun of it. I had done this a countless number of times but one time it was a millipede, and I’m dreadfully irritated by them, I wouldn’t kill them, I would just drive them away, with so much irritation.

My trick obviously worked because now aunty Jorfa was out with the cigarette pack of fishes, and luck was on our side because mama was having her bath leaving a pot of beans on the fire which was obviously our dinner. We quickly set to work, cleaning our tomato cup pot and pouring in some palm oil that we got from mama’s kitchen. We quickly put the fish in the tin cup, and added some “ajinomoto” seasoning with salt. After our playful preparation of our fishes, we put the tin cup on the corner of the fire wood where the heat could get to it. As soon as we heard mama leave the bathroom, we tip toed out of the kitchen into the backyard and slid through the back door to the front to have our baths. Quickly we bathe praying that mama does not discover our tin tomato pot of oil fishes. As soon as we were through we dressed up and quickly headed for the kitchen, half way there we heard mama in the kitchen calling our names.

 “E Jorfa o”, ‘jiru” (that was the name she gave me when I was born, the full name is Oghenejirukevwe, it means something like: God has still done for me even though this is not what I wanted). 

As soon as we heard our names, our hearts nearly jumped out of our mouths because we thought she had found our mischief, we mustered courage and replied in chorus, “Mama” and we entered the kitchen. We breathed a sigh of relief when she handed us our plates of beans and garri, she has a tradition of dishing food to the youngest kids in the house first before the eldest. We took our plates to the room praying silently that she doesn’t find it and waiting impatiently for her to leave the kitchen so we could go pick it.

She was still in the kitchen dishing the food and calling my aunties from the youngest to the eldest. She had given me mine first, then aunty Jorfa, aunty Oke, aunty Genero and finally aunty Takpo. As soon as we heard her come out of the kitchen, we half ran, half walked to collect our tin-tomato pot of fishes. The fire was now put out; mama separates the fire wood and wets the red charcoal but not the wood. I thought to myself, if she has put out the fire, it means she would have found it. 

The sound of Jorfa’s troubled voice stopped my thoughts “ewẹ, mama don see our fish”.

I understood what that meant, and then she said “go beg mama na”.

“Why me?” I asked, I have this habit of asking questions to which I already know the answers. So I slowly walked to the front to talk to mama with nervous nerves because my charm didn’t always work with mama when she was terribly angry, I just hoped she wasn’t. Aunty Jorfa tiptoed behind me like a husband that tip-toe behind his wife for fear of the unknown. I got to the front to meet mama, fidgeting; I gulped a mixture of air and saliva before calling her. “Mama”, I called with faint voice for my throat was now dry. Jorfa hid behind the curtains listening to our conversations and possibly will hide there if mama flares up and starts the spanking.

“Diae” mama responded.

“Mama abeg you fit give me the fish, I promise say I no go do am again” I said with shaky voice. Mama looked down at me and smiled, revealing her tobacco stained teeth.

“You sure say you no go do am again?”

“No, but e go tey before I go do am again”.

Mama laughed heartily, I loved that about her, and then she handed me the tin-tomato pot of oil fish from a corner of her provision-shelf. I took it with joy and thanked her by saying, “Migwo”

“Vren-do” (vrendo means: get up and well done, it’s a reply to migwo) she replied, ‘oya go chop your food’.

I ran out to the room with so much joy like a joy a child would if she had just won a trophy for bravery. Jorfa ran behind me from the curtains, I was so happy I had forgotten that she was hiding there, we took the fish out of the tin, and shared it between ourselves, since mama already knew about the fishes, there was no need to share with our other aunts to bribe them, if they had tried to bully us into taking it, I would have reported to mama, and she would punish them, so all they could do was beg us, but we wouldn’t budge. Aunty Genero begged aunty Jorfa and she cut one very tiny part of one fish for her, aunty Genero wasn’t happy at all with it.

“Sẹ you don dey do your own, if na me I go cut better tin commot give you o, see the chengele fish wen you dey give me, no worry, I go do you back”. 

Aunty Jorfa who was now priding herself on the fish squinted her face with outstretched hands and replied, “if you no like the fish give me back”. Aunty Genero couldn’t deny it, the fish looked very inviting, and she just threw it in her mouth to enjoy the taste.

“Pepper” I said.

“Wetin” replied aunty Jorfa.

“We should put pepper next time”.

As soon as we were done, I took everyone’s plates to the kitchen, which was my only chore in the house; I went to the front to take mama’s plate to the kitchen and said good night to her with a hug. After our light chats about how our various days went, we dragged our mattresses out and made our beds to sleep, slowly the voices of my aunties grew quiet and I was drawn to my little world of thoughts.

I stayed awake thinking of my mum, I missed her a lot, and did not understand why I was with grand ma even though I loved her and the company of my aunts, I heard the sounds of my grandmother locking up the doors as these thoughts rummaged my mind till sleep finally took over and closed my weary four-year-old eyes.

Thursday, 10 November 2016


Even if the rain poured, it still can't take away your shine

You got the Son in you so baby give that rainbow smile

You are His perfect picture, let Him be your perfect standard

You are as beautiful as the words He spoke with no blunders

So let His word be the judge and this poem be the jury

We'll sentence you to a happy good life with no sorry(s)

Don't be sorry, you're God's best it means you're better than your past

So be what He wants you to be and you'll never come out last

Wednesday, 9 November 2016


I learnt recently that you can talk to your emotions no matter how overwhelming the situation is.

I had a very painful experience once, and I was trying to explain myself; but you know what happens when you're trying to talk especially out of hurt, you tend to cry more than the words can come, lol.

In that moment as I was trying to talk, I told myself, I just spoke out "Stop crying Karla!" And the tears stopped,faster than the snap of  fingers.

Days later, while thinking of the scenario, I found out that you can talk to your emotions and actually control it. I knew this before, but now it was like it was a knew knowledge.

You can choose to be happy, you can choose to be sad, you can talk to your emotions and tell them to stop being angry, you can choose to be in a good mood.

You can also talk to your emotions and teach them to be inspired and excited in certain things.

It's not a "hormonal work", it's a "word work".
Think about it, why would you want your happiness to be determined by the chemical balance in your body?

Don't let a bad experience change a good heart.

Be good, be better, be you irrespective of the circumstances, you owe yourself that.

Tuesday, 8 November 2016


If you took a snapshot of your dreams, what would it look like?
If you rewound to your past, what would you learn?
A friend of mine always say, "I have no regrets, just lessons".

Most times we are asked to forget the past, but it is not just the mistakes of the past that should be forgotten, forget also the successes so you don't have something called "a success hangover".
The thing that happens to almost successful people who hold on to what they did in the past that succeeded but never improve on it.


You have a personal race to run, you can't compare yourself with anyone but you, that is why your present must be better than your past and good enough to inspire your future.

It's like what happened to me in the process of releasing my Mix-Lyric I wanted it to be out so good so that I could set a standard for myself to beat.

Keep your desires dedicated to the direction of success.

Sunday, 6 November 2016

My R and B Experience

So we had decided, we said we would hold the R&B concert, and it was going to be the bomb, we didn’t care what the challenges would be, or the circumstances that surrounded our decision. We said we would hold it and that was final!!!

We had meetings; at church, at the studio, during the day and at night, we prayed like we had not prepared and prepared like we had not prayed, we went out on publicity even at 11pm into 12am placing banners and posters.

Preparing for the R&B concert did something to our spirit, mine especially, I learnt that whatever you want you can get, no matter how hard it might seem. I learnt the power of proper leadership, I learnt what faith means, faith says I want this thing and I have it even if I haven’t seen it yet.

We needed a lot of things, we needed more partnership, we made do with the ones that came to us from our friends and church members.

We went to the radio station Today FM 95.1 to talk about our concert. We went to the press to get our publicity materials, we went everywhere (okay almost everywhere) for partnership.

This program did something to us as Sons Of Thunder.

Our bond was strengthened, our vision became clearer and our faith as a group was tested.

The day of the concert came, we had an all-night into the concert morning, praying and rehearsing for the success of the concert, I had an 8am and a 2pm Exam, Membrane had IT work to do, Rhemah and Edifyer were to arrange for sound and power, at this point in the morning, we had only ₦1,000 so we hadn’t paid for sound yet, the R&B concert was for 4pm 9 hours away. INTERESTING!!!

I got done with my exams by 4pm, which in between were filled with doing follow up and sending bulk sms to our invitees. I got to the venue at about 4:16 PM, our sound was not ready, our invitees were already waiting, I could count 60 persons, I laughed in my heart saying “this is not what we planned”.

We still didn’t have enough money to pay the sound guy and I had to deposit my phone, Edifyer had to borrow money and Membrane and Rhemah made sacrifices. I’m sure in our minds we were asking ourselves “Who send me?” lol.

The sound came by 5pm, and power came up by 5:30PM, as soon as it came up, the generator went off and refused to come back on, so we had to go borrow a friend’s generator that wasn’t in the capacity of this one and unscrew the fuel tap from the old one so we could drain the fuel out INTERESTING!!!

The borrowed generator couldn’t carry the sub woofers. I thought to myself (we’re gonna pay for sound that we didn’t use, more like paying full price for half a service).

We started the sound with the new gen and without the sub woofers but with two speakers, this was already 6pm. My God!!! This was not how we pictured it!

As we started, the people began to turn up, the rap ministrations started, the energy was everywhere, the basketball players were already playing, and at the end of the day, we had 372 persons in attendance and some of which gave their hearts to Christ when we made the alter call.



Season 2 comes up in the first quarter of 2017.

Wednesday, 2 November 2016



This was my first ever attempt at rap, it was my first ever hip hop related work, I wrote this at a stage in my life where I didn't even know what punch lines were, I didn't even know or had the inclination that I could become a rapper.

So when White Mic, picked me and said “You seem bold, you’re bold, I think you can rap, come I’ll teach you”, I went to him and he took me on 2 rap classes, the things he taught me spiked something in me, it was like he brought out rap from me, even when I didn't know it was there. After the classes he gave me an assignment, to write a spoken word, I picked one of my write ups from my archive of “stuff I have written” which was this one, tweaked some lines, and made it into my introduction.


Yeah I just wanted to brag and throw punch lines at anyone who thought they could mess with me.

Track 3 – WHO YOU ARE

This was my first ever Solo.

I wrote this to myself, and for every person who was having a complex issue or going through some challenges without the confidence to confront them. I was at a point where I looked down on myself as a rapper (I was just 4-5 months into this thing). Then the Holy-Spirit spoke to me one day and He said, “I told you before, you’re a king you’re a star, don’t forget who you are”, and that was it.

Track 4 – TGIGC

It was a Friday praise team choir rehearsal at my musical hometown, DBC (Da Blazing Choir), we had just finished rehearsing. My musical mayor BC (Brother Chiedozie) yawned and asked if it was a Friday, we replied, and he said TGIF, then boom!!! it came to me, THANK GOD I GOT CHRIST. (Honest, I cross my heart and hope to live).


This is one of the hardest song I ever wrote, I got the sound track, and for about 3 months no lyrics came to me, but I knew the title was “Salvation Song”, I kept praying in tongues with the soundtrack, i.e, anytime I wanted to pray in tongues, I would plug it to my ears.

In 3 weeks, I got verse 1, verse 2 came in one day, verse 3 came in two days and that was it. In all, it took me about 6 months to write this song and decide that it was perfect, I rehearsed it for cumulatively 42 hours, and even after these hard work, I had to correct myself consecutively 3 times on stage, when ministering it…...

I know that this song is for someone, who is planning to give up on life, when they hear "Salvation Song" they'll decide to live; and live for Christ.


This song is a deep reflection of my thoughts on love and what He would look like if I could see him in a picture. I and Fortune Rex wrote this song at the basketball court one Saturday morning. It was beautiful.
Funny enough, for a song called "Perfect Picture" it isn't so perfect. Irony.

Track 7 – NO DOUBTS

It’s like this, that moment you realize your dream is so big it scares you; Faith steps in and tells you, NO DOUBTS!

 This song is dedicated to our Man of God, our Zonal Director Pastor Amaechi Udeaku


Rico - Meek Mill ft Drake
Hans Zimmer – Time inception
Death of Auto tune - Jay Z
Pretty Hurts - BeyoncĂ© 
Ready - Bob ft Future
Tap out - Rich Gang

Tuesday, 1 November 2016


Finally, the Mix-Lyric is out, ready for download.
Tracks are completely uploaded, click to download..

Track 1 - Birth of KarlaGod
Click here to download

Track 2 - Gospel Gangster
Click here to download

Track 3 - Who you are
Click here to download

Track 4 - T.G.I.G.C
Click here to download

Track 5 - Salvation Song ft Myrah
Click here to download

Track 6 - Perfect Picture
Click here to download

Track 7 - No Doubts
Click here to download

Track 8 - P.A - Attitude
Click here to download