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Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Anticipating the Mix-Lyric (August 1st)


It was a Friday praise team choir rehearsal at my musical hometown, DBC (Da Blazing Choir), we had just finished rehearsing.
My musical mayor BC (Brother Chiedozie) yawned and asked if it was a Friday, we replied that it was, and the he said TGIF, and BOOM, it came to me, THANK GOD I GOT CHRIST.
That was it, the full truth.
Honest, I cross my heart and hope to live.


TGIGC - Thank God I got Christ
Ain't no Friday gone do nothing about it
He's my weekend

Verse 1

I entered into His rest, HolyGhost lounge
VVIS you can find me in the God club
If you can't speak in tongues then you cannot taste the spirit
He's stronger than vodka finer than any martini
Drunk in the HolyGhost I dance to the melody of thanks in the Psalms I be singing on my bars
No offence I'm off the fence, chose my side with Christ
Style of Kings swag of champions better recognise
I preach the gospel so loud even demons wanna repent
I know I can't be sorry, I see the devil regret
Christ turned the maze into straight lines I'm a runner for Him no break lights
I'm the action for Him no stage frights
I'm that star on top like yeah right
I'm subscribed to the God channel got Rhema reporting live
Lay back listening to the news at seven
Dinning with kings on the table of God
No need for circumcision I'm above the law
(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 2

You can judge me, but you can't sentence me
You can lecture me Yes, but you can't test me
Cause I passed it already on calvary
If my steps slide, they'll slide into the pictures of divinity
Hear the voices in my head, but I listen to the voice in my heart
Cause I got the mind of Christ, yeah you can ask Lesley Hart
His liquid love is epic so I write a rap ballad
No need to precipitate, in Christ I'm rock solid
(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 3

He died on a Friday, huh, rose on a weekend
I'm strong in Christ so, I got no weak ends
His word my constitution, written, no need for amends
Its the Holy Ghost Act 1 section 8, prepend
They started from the bottom I started from the top, ain't talking air drop
No parachute can keep me from flying not even gravity can touch this
See, God is wrong with me, it's why I'm right
He made my life a beautiful music, gave me the copyright
(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 4

I tell His story of how He split history and made His history present to those who wanna make their past history
Christ is the principal principled principle of wisdom get it
If you ain't born again then you're old fashioned, get it
He came all the way from the manger to the throne, get it
From a lamb to a lion, from hell up to heaven
They say clay cannot be turned into gold
I agree
I'm that clay that was turned into a god
(Repeat Chorus)