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Monday, 14 November 2016


I was seeing a cartoon recently, KungFu Panda 3, Master Shifu said something in his training -

"If all you do is all you can, you will never be more than you are now"

It took me.

I rewound to that scene for about 5 times, before I continued the cartoon, it was like Rhemah to me.

Don't be limited to only what you can do.

There's more
There's always more
There is always more.

I have met people who say "I can't kill myself, this is all I can do"

No one's asking your to kill yourself, I'm asking me (you) to be more than myself (yourself).

Sometimes we think the limits are external, or are consequences of someone else' actions - when the truth is that they are internal.

They exist in your mind, but you're not telling yourself the truth so you come up with excuses that are too lame to sit up to the truth about why you can't achieve your dreams.

"If all you do is all you can......"

I like to go beyond what I can do, that's the area where mistakes can be allowed to happen, but even in this realm there is a part of an excellent spirit that comes to mind where you can get it right the first time you try.

You can't afford to let all that you are and all that you can do be limited to your status quo or labels and opinions of other people.

Don't be ordinary, go beyond the extra mile, be more than you are now.