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Friday, 16 December 2016

Itz #Mikay2016 - The Groom Talk

This is my interview with the groom, Bro Kelechi, quite interesting it was.

KGB: So ...😄"Miebi"😄, what's the first thing that comes to your mind as I called her name

KC: Um, my wife to be, basically...😍

KGB: 😂 you think of her .... What are the thoughts that come to mind?

KC: Umm....there should always be a "why" you're doing something, when I think about her these are the things that come to mind, she's very industrious, she's a woman that I think can help me build my empire, (for those who want to have one😎). She's a very loving person, very Some things are actually classified 😂😂😂..

KGB: 😁😁😁 ok, let them stay classified then... So let's do a throwback.... What are your earliest memories with Sis Miebi, how did you two meet?

KC: One of the very things that attracted me to her is because she's very industrious, it was business that actually brought us together, she had a business proposal and she needed an accountant's advice and that was how it started, as friends then.....😉😁.. I also like that she can sing, she sings very well.🎤

I started getting more interested in the things she does, and I noticed she always come early to church (Sistas are you taking notes)😁.... you know being in Protocol we come early so we see those who are early. She's very time conscious and I like it.

KGB: So what were the defining moments that made you say to yourself, "I'll marry this lady".

KC: As a man, the bible is my constitution, one of those defining things was that she is born again, and then this business thing..... there were defining moments, though... I think there's a part I'm skipping out.... Which is|| she's really beautiful😄 (see the brother blushing oh)😍, she's good looking, the physical attraction is there, she is beautiful, she's just right for me I saw the physical attraction before I began to look inward.

Being friends there were so many things we did together, I didn't tell you...😎 I worked for her😎.... 😂Lol😂, and we talked money, she told me how much she would pay me and how long I would work, lol.... I went there and worked for her like a staff, did the decorations thing and all 😁😁😁😁😁😁.

And another thing is she's very forgiving, I've done some things to make her angry but she forgives. She's just someone that I know can run the things for me in the home at the office and all, when I'm not around.... these were the defining moments for me.

KGB: Interesting cool, so How's the wedding preparations been like?

KC: Well it's been awesome, God is just amazing, everything is just working together for good.

KGB: Nice..... I asked her this question, I want to ask you too- how many children do you plan on having?

KC: 2 whether boy or girl or twins, my plan is 2 however it comes as God desires I'll take it.


KGB: People are gonna be reading this blog, so for young men and women, single people, what's your advice to them on marriage.

(Gen, gen, gen ,gen... Listen up singles)👂👂👂

KC: Hmmmm. They shouldn't get married because they think that marriage would help them escape somethings or take some burden or responsibilities off them (especially for the ladies).

I'm getting married because it's a fulfillment of God's word, because marriage is one of the things that would help me fulfill God's plan for me. If Marriage is not one of the things to help me fulfill His plan for my life I wouldn't get married.

God designed marriage to help the man fulfill His purpose for his life. The man didn't know he needed a wife, but God knew and gave him one.

So stick to God's plan, that's my advice, let it be that it's part of the plan He has for you. When it's time for you to marry- it's not about the age, its about purpose. So just seek God all the way, everything other thing would follow.

KGB: Thank you very much for this opportunity sir, you're amazing.

KC: You're welcome, thank you too

So there you have it- The Groom Talk. The wedding is tomorrow at the Prestigious Loveworld Center, its the D-Day.


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