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Sunday, 4 December 2016

Itz #MiKay2016

So, I haven't been uploading any posts recently, wanted to settle up somethings for this..... That's because...... Drum rolls please........


Its #MiKay Connubial Bliss (it sounds so cool, gotta say it again)

Itz #MiKay Connubial Bliss

Give it up again👏👏👏

Miss Alice like her pupils call her, or Sis Miebi, like I call her - is getting married.

A lot of us already know the blessed man she's becoming one with - and that's Bro KELECHI David Ihekoronye popularly known as Bro KC the head of protocol, aka Ice Block chest, aka Da Bouncer 😏hahahahaha😏 he probably never knew he had those aliases from where I shall not say.

So anyways, this two (yes THIS TWO) are having their wedding on 👫Saturday the 17th of December 2016👫 @ the Prestigious Loveworld Center Christ Embassy, BLW Uniport, and 💑the traditional wedding is on Thursday the 15th💑 in Warri.

I had an interview with Sis Miebi today, awesome it was. And I also had one with Bro KC which was level of awesome another (hahaha, tryna sound like Master Yoda).

The interview with them taught me a lot, a lot about marriage and the reason for marrying, and I believe you'll learn a lot from them too as soon as I release the transcript 3 - 2 days before the wedding.
(The single pepo should draw dia ears oh)

PS: KarlaGodBlog is the official blog site for this wedding, so in case you can't attend it real life (which I'll forgive you for), you can attend it on KarlaGodBlog.

So let's talk about me and Mi (I just had to make it rhyme, I can't help it)

My earliest memory with Sis Miebi was, in 2014 when she did her song--
'I'm forever yours, I'm forever yours, I'm forever yours, Jesus'-- that was at XOC 2014.

I felt like 😱wow, that voice, BEAUTIFUL. At that point she was the leader of Issachar choir in Da'Blazing choir- (a choir in a choir😵, I know dear, but if you don't get it, don't ask).......

The memories I have about her are unforgettable. There were times I made her angry and she was cross with me, not the yelling cross type, no... The type that'll call you to a corner and TALK to you such that later you wouldn't even think to repeat the wrongful action and you'll be wiser for it.

There was one time I did something wrong, I went back to her and apologised, I'LL NEVER FORGET THAT DAY.

She just said with that look😇😊 (Blazans know the look) "it's all right, I forgive you".

Sis Miebi is articulate, organised, she sometimes over think little things but that's because she is a very detailed person. You can see it in the way she walks, talks and in her actions.

I can go on and on, but I'll rather just put it in a song instead.

It's been awesome knowing the single you - Miss Alice - (now I feel like one of your pupils).

Ok, so moving on to #MiKay2016


I haven't talked about bro KC (I'm pretty sure😣in his mind he'll be like this is gender inequality😋 lolzzzzzzzzzz).

Sorry bro KC it's not that, it's just, you are not in Da'Blazing choir😏😁but don't worry your interview transcript would do you the justice and honour, besides she is your bride afterall😏.


Make sure you tune in same time on Tuesday the 13th and Wednesday the 14th Dec to get the main gist on how this two awesome people came to make their decision on becoming one.

Till then.........Itz.......



  1. I thought it was #miekay....

    1. She changed it to #MiKay2016 on Sunday

  2. Awwwwnnnnnnn I ll soon get married tOo